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Redclaw crayfish are not just fabulous to eat; they also make excellent aquarium animals.

At Cherax Park, we are able to supply standard coloured Redclaw (Cherax quadricarinatus) crayfish for your aquarium. We have also made available our specifically bred, sky-blue Redclaw crayfish known as "Cherax Park Blues" or “Aussie opals".

Our Cherax Park Blues are the result of many years of selective breeding here at Cherax Park. These crayfish are pond and not aquarium based. Their colour is genetic & stable and unlike other "blue yabbies" sold globally are not a product of nutrition deficiency nor is the colour feed induced. They range in colour from almost pure white (with their hepato-pancreas visible through their carapace), to a darker blue. They have pronounced pink/purple stripes on the tail and are really quite beautiful for the aquarium environment.

They are genuine and unique.

Redclaw  are a robust native Queenslander, very easy to look after and make a unique addition to any freshwater aquarium. Whether you select traditional Redclaw or Cheraxpark blues they:

  • are striking in appearance.
  • are interesting in behaviour – constantly re arranging their environment.
  • will tolerate a wide variety of water quality conditions:
    - Temperature, 20-30 degrees C
    (but can survive long periods at 10-33 degrees C)
    - pH, 6-10 optimum 7.5
    - Salinity preferred at less than 5 ppt
  • are omnivores and therefore will eat a wide range of food:
    - plant material
    - raw and cooked meats
    - sinking fish foods
    - detritus and bacteria growing naturally in your tank.
    - a varied diet is recommended.

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Cherax Park Blues Sky blue Reclaws Crayfish Colour from Pure white to dark blue They have pink / purple stripes on the tail